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SHE will sing her heart out!

Rachelle Jeanty



SHE has been around the world with Celine Dion,

sang with the “Wiener Sänger Knaben”,

recorded 3 solo albums and performed at the United Nations!

Rachelle Jeanty is a born performer!

Stage is like home to her,

singing and dancing her second nature,

blessed with a voice both sweet and powerful,

the audience finds her irresistible!

HE will blow his brains out!

Oliver Saar



HE has blown the minds of both musicians and the public

with his multi saxophone master playing,

his amazing sense of groove and tasty sax licks!


Whether with SEEED, Barbara Schöneberger or Whiskydenker,

OLIVER SAAR is a one and only musician,

and one of only 10 people in Germany to play the TUBAX!

IT will blow you away!

The Tubax




The Low End of all saxophones. Its warm and deep

sound creeps right into your stomach and

makes you feel happy.

Created in the late 90ies,

around 60 of these contrabass-saxophones have been

manufactured since then. 10 of which are being played in Germany.

Don´t miss out on the opportunity

to hear and feel one!

MEdia - songs, videos, pics

Live at “Frei ausm Bauch” 14.04.2015 (Photos by Dorian Schnabel)

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